What exactly is social advertising?

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3 min readFeb 12, 2023

When we think about marketing, our first association is a banner, spot or information poster that encourages us to buy a specific product or service.
This is how most advertising companies work.

However, there is another type of advertising, which involves the transfer of information by the involved people in family, work colleagues or friends in social media.

If someone has already tried something, found it cool, useful, good and shares such information with friends, then most often their recommendations are 100% perceived as true and trustworthy.


But it’s not just about informing about new brands or services. Often the goal is also to raise awareness and warn that we are dealing with a specific problem (such as drug addiction, environmental protection). The topics discussed stimulate reflection, encourage reflection, and all this in the public interest. Therefore, for many, the very term “advertising” is puzzling, due to the fact that we are clearly dealing with a non-commercial activity.

Usually, the budget is much smaller compared to commercial advertising, even though we are dealing with a much more important message.


Social advertising uses social media or blogs for its activities.
Information on the Internet spreads very quickly, users can send links to interesting profiles through social media, and in this way the group of fans of a given brand is growing at a surprising pace.
The interest in social media on the Internet is growing in direct proportion to social advertising, and the power lies in people who, by sharing links, likes, contribute to the creation of a specific brand or social movement.


For all these reasons, as altruists and supporters of non-commercial solutions, we have chosen this type of advertising as the main goal of the ADS Social ASX project.
We focus on the community, we strive to engage it in advertising activities, we also give it the opportunity to generate revenue for activity in the form of our ASX token. With reasonable token management, anyone can get different roles on a Discord server.
You can become a Holder, a VIP or both. Each of these roles is calculated to bring passive income to ASX token holders.


We have done a lot in this field, we are also involved in activities for the Earth.
The entire project is financed from our own resources, we have never used any subsidies.
I hope that this article has brought everyone closer to the goal of our project and that you will want to become a part of it.


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