ADS Social ASX
2 min readSep 6, 2021

We are continuing work on the ADS Social ASX project
The team is working on the project all the time.

We will present our team:
Lukasz_NadPL — owner
Aarona — Head Admin, grafik
Wincenty — Admin
Tooeet — Admin, website dev
Stary Krypciorz — Admin
UFOO — Moderator
SynomPL — Moderator
Arthax — Moderator

Here’s what we did for this:
- we have prepared a Disco server for convenient navigation for the
- we recruited people to moderators
- we focused on building a holiday community
- we established contacts with the access point
- we created social media on Twitter and Medium
- we created a contract writing
- we tested the ASX token in tests
- we created an ASX token
- we created a website
- we ended writing White Paper
- we added ASX token to: Pancakeswap, Server on
Discord and Coinpaprica
- we made a pair on Pancakeswap: ASX / BNB; ASX / WSAFE;

As the members of the Team work professionally, the time we can devote to working on the project is quite limited. Despite this, we managed to do a lot in a fairly short time. We still have a lot of work ahead of us, but thanks to the support of our community and Partners, we hope to finalize the process of adding the ASX token to BsScan and Coingeco.


Contract adress: 0xc69ec15775aa8be1698893b681f415038dee8339

White paper:

Token info:




Ads Social $ASX Official Mail:

Ads Social $ASX Official Twitter:

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Ads Social ASX Official website:

Live Price $ASX Token: 3b681f415038dee8339 bsc

Author: Aarona