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3 min readJul 10, 2024

Vacation Photography Contest: Capture Your Shoes in a Summer Adventure

Summer is a time for adventure, discovery, and creating unforgettable memories. To spice up your vacation experience even more, we’re organizing a special Vacation Photography Contest! We invite all photography and travel enthusiasts to take part in this creative game.

How to participate?
The rules of the contest are simple and allow for complete creative freedom. To join the fun, all you have to do is take a vacation photo that shows a pair of shoes. It can be your shoes on the beach, a mountain trail, in the urban jungle, or anywhere else you spend your vacation. Creativity is key — the more original the photo, the better!

pic by author, private collection

Steps to participate:

  1. Take a photo: Capture a pair of shoes in a vacation setting.
  2. Post a photo: Share your photo on our Discord server in the #vacation-photo-contest channel.

3. One entry: Each participant can only submit one photo, so choose your best shot!

Submission deadline: You have until 29 August 2024 at 1 pm UTC to submit your photos.

The contest is not only a chance to share your holiday adventures, but also a chance to win some fantastic prizes! Here’s what you can win:

🏆 Grand Prize: 100 ASX + NFT VaporVision Pack*
🎉 Creativity Prize: 70 ASX + NFT VaporVision Pack*
😂 Funniest Photo Prize: 30 ASX + NFT VaporVision Pack*

Judging and Results
Photos will be judged by our community/jury, who will consider creativity, composition, and overall attractiveness of the photo. The results will be announced on our Discord server and on our social media.

Why shoes?
Shoes are an essential part of every journey. They symbolize movement, discovery, and adventure. Through this contest, we want to see where your shoes take you and what stories they can tell. Whether it’s sandy beaches, rocky mountains, or bustling cities — each photo has its own unique story.

pic by author, private collection

Join us!
Don’t miss this unique opportunity to show off your holiday adventures and win amazing prizes. We are waiting for your creative entries and wish good luck to all participants!

See you on our Discord server and we wish you a wonderful holiday full of adventures!

Author: aarona.eth