Poll results: “Number 666 in nick — controversy and different approaches”

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4 min readJul 12, 2023

It was a hot topic not too long ago.
The subject of adding the sign of Satan (the number 666) to your nickname has become the subject of discussion and controversy.

In a certain period of time, we witnessed this phenomenon on the well-known Discord Server, which led us to be interested in the motives of people who decided to flag a nickname with the number 666.

We conducted a short survey to explore what people’s reactions and opinions are about this.

The question was: Would you add the number 666 to your nickname. Justify your answer.”

The results of the survey showed different approaches and values that influence the decision to add this symbol to a nickname.

Our survey shows that the majority of respondents (70 out of 140) would not choose to add the devil’s mark to their nickname.
In their answers, they gave various reasons, such as religious beliefs, aversion towards the symbol, or a lack of willingness to identify with the negative connotations that the symbol carries. Some strongly rejected this idea, emphasizing that the symbol is associated with the devil and wicked actions.

Surprisingly, there was also a group of respondents (60 out of 140) who declared that they would add the symbol of Satan to their nickname. Their motivations ranged from indifference to the symbol and treating it as a random number, to eccentric approaches and a desire to gain attention or cause controversy. Some of them emphasized that they are not believers in the devil and do not attach negative meanings to this symbol.

There was also a group of respondents who were reluctant to this idea, but did not rule out overcoming their reluctance to add the sign, if they would receive a very high remuneration for it (10 out of 140)

The results of the survey show the variety of beliefs and values that influence the decision to add the symbol of Satan to a nickname.
They show that for some people this is a decidedly controversial and unacceptable topic due to its association with negative messages and religious beliefs.
At the same time, there is a group that treats this symbol as a random number with little meaning or decides to use it to provoke reaction and controversy.

It is important to understand that the approach to this topic depends on the individual expectations and beliefs of each person.

Some people are more sensitive to the meaning of symbols and try to avoid symbols that have negative connotations.
For others, however, the symbol may be perceived as an eccentric element that has no deep meaning.

The Internet gives people the opportunity to express their identity in a variety of ways.
Adding symbols or characters to your nickname can be a form of self-expression and shaping your online image.
Nevertheless, it is important to be aware of the consequences of such an action and what reactions they may cause among other Internet users.

The survey we conducted showed a variety of attitudes and reactions from people about adding the Satan mark to their nickname.

It is important to remember that the choice of adding symbols or characters to a nickname is an individual decision of each person. Regardless of our own beliefs, it is worth respecting diversity and understanding that everyone has the right to express their identity in a way that is appropriate for them.
It is also crucial to be respectful towards other internet users and avoid activities that may be considered provocative or offensive.

It is worth considering what signs and symbols we choose, and how they affect our perception and interactions with other people.

Thoughtful and informed choices can help create a positive and constructive online environment.


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