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3 min readMay 15, 2023

Liquidity — what does it look like “behind the scenes”?

The ASX token has been on the market for almost 2 years.
Thanks to the involvement of the Team and the Founder of our project, we managed to keep the value of the token at a fairly stable level, despite the various turbulences that were caused by the bear market. We decided to wait with increasing the pot until the market calmed down.

It is known that investing in a liquidity pool is a long-term approach to investment and can yield stable returns over time. However, the decision to participate in a liquidity pool should be well thought out and related to long-term financial goals.

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We are going to introduce new roles for liquidity providers.

Therefore, we want to discuss this topic in advance with members of our community who are interested in providing liquidity in the ASX-BNB pair.

The important thing is who is potentially interested in investing their funds in the pair mentioned above?

We ask for your opinion on:
1/ the minimum holding period,
2/ minimum deposit size that you consider reasonable and attractive,
3/ the withdrawal policy.

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Our proposal for an incentive program for liquidity providers is as follows:

@LP 0.00007254 ASX-BNB Equivalent to about 1300 asx. Reward 3 ASX per week
@LP 0.00036271 ASX-BNB Equivalent to around 6500 asx Reward 15 ASX per week
@LP 0.00072542 ASX-BNB Equivalent to around 13000 asx Reward 30 ASX per week
@LP 0.00108814 ASX-BNB Equivalent to around 19500 asx Reward 45 ASX per week

After depositing a pair of tokens in the liquidity pool, you will receive LP tokens as a “receipt” (CAKE-LP). Your LP tokens represent your share of the pool and allow you to get your deposit back, plus any interest earned. Therefore, part of the security and protection of the deposit depends on you sticking to your LP tokens. If you lose it, you lose your share.
After depositing a pair of tokens in the liquidity pool, you will receive LP tokens as a “receipt”. Your LP tokens represent your share of the pot.

You need to have 0.00007254 CAKE-LP and above, which corresponds to about 1300 asx. It is not a fixed amount of ASX, but a Pancake conversion factor.
Therefore, you need to watch this minimum amount when adding tokens to the pool because 0.00007254 CAKE is set as the minimum for the first role.

made by aaronalu.eth

Your opinions will help us make the most favorable decision for the project and set up the incentive program for investors.

We are waiting for your feedback until Thursday, May 18, 2023.

You can add them under this post or on Discord on #suggestions channel.

How to find us on Pancakeswap?
go to Pancakeswap:
enter: AdsSocial

click: See more…

And you will see all the pairs in the liquidity pool



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