Interview with GH — the Founder of CryptoMan Server on Discord

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4 min readJul 28


I came across your project by accident.
I saw the link to the Discord server in your Discord profile.
Looked at the server and I really liked it.
Want to give our community as much information as possible regarding what they find on your server.

🎤Can you tell me what inspired you to create the Server?

🎙GH: The struggle with whales and nft market

🎤Don’t like NFT?

🎙GH: I love it but it’s a dead field now and full of scams.
For example, there are people who lock nft, pay to remove the lock, after this it is not sold or bought and becomes dead.
And I have more than one collection in the wallet, and I give them gifts to members
For me creating a server is a struggle with whales in profit.
The whale pays $85,000 for a future or spot trading recommendation and makes millions from it while paying only $100 or more
The goal is to give people information about the market, trading, and profit methods. I know it is crooked, but this is what works among whales.

🎤So you want to teach people how to make money in the crypto space? And how not to be deceived?

🎙GH: The other thing is to learn and understand how people are defrauded from gambling sites, the wallet, and the hack link to the wallet.
I am waiting for the required number to be completed so that I can publish educational videos about the wallet and how to deal with it and protect it from hacking.
The recommendation is the name of the currency and the price targets that you reach
And when is trading closed within how many hours?

🎤How effective are your recommendations?

I’m experimenting and pouring a portion of the profits into the server.

🎤And it happens that you lose on trades?

This is the strength of the trade in those currency pairs and watch the bitcoin takeover
And some negative news affects the entire market if the recommendation has become worthless now and will not achieve a loss
But in 2018 I knew that the coin of the dog would reach $ 1, and I told friends about this and a they was have lot of profit.
In some trades I lose, but I compensate in others
I am always careful to enter only 5% of the capital so as not to lose.

🎤You have a lot of different types of bots on your server, through which members can earn small amounts of different tokens. Can you tell us more about these bots?


Well, I will tell you what the purpose of these bots is
When I started crypto in 2018, I was working on faucets
And I made my first $2. I traded on some currencies. I made my first profit of $30 in a month.
Then I searched more about the idea of making faucets
I found a lot of advertisements. The sites downloads cookies and harmful files for the computer, for mining on the computer for others, and for exploiting computer resources.

The presence of bots in my server gives coins cleanly without causing mining to others, and the member can withdraw the balance at any time when the withdrawal limit is reached, or exchange coins with another person.
All rooms complement each other with circulation faucets, rain toys and an airdrop.
Voting and opening another airdrop room, the server is integrated with each other.

The project opened everything related to crypto to everyone.
Learn to trade, information about crypto, web3, its infrastructure, new projects, and opening opportunities for people to earn some money
Real knowledge of others projects, what are the objectives of the project, why it was established, and what are the profits of the community if it is a project for the community or provides services.
Promotion and some advertisements for other projects and providing support for a nominal fee.

🎤Do you plan to create your own token in the future?

This takes a lot of money.
And building a large community and people who should know that some currencies are like jewels in their hand and they must be well adhered to and not just listed in the market, dumping all currencies.

🎤So you don’t anticipate it… Would you like to say anything else to current members and those who will join the Server in the future?

So that they remember about the safety rules.

On Discord there are 4 categories peoples

The first category of people take coins from you and then sell because they only want money to pay off expenses in real life.
The second category does not know what crypto is and how it works or where to sell currencies and make some profits.
The third category have information and know how to make profits from nothing and are active in projects and get a lot of part of the currencies.
The fourth category, who are whales, are always silent and work only to catch opportunities in new projects, then dump them and get out of them.
I want members to be able to fall into this third category thanks to the learning available on my Server.

So, I wish you good luck in continuing what you started. And thank you for taking the time to talk.

🎙GH: Thank you too and invite all on Discord :)

pic by GH/aaronalu.eth cooperation

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Remember to always do your own research before investing your funds and never invest more than you can afford to lose.