ADS Social ASX
2 min readJan 9, 2023

How can you get some free ASX tokens?

The ASX token was created for:
1. Payment for the tasks by principals
2. Rewarding the community for activity on the Discord server and
in our socials media
But it is not everything
Team also made it possible for the community to receive passive income by purchasing VIP and Hodl roles with the coins and tokens we have in the liquidity pool.

The funds obtained from the purchase of roles are used to added liquidity to the pool and thus increase the liquidity of the token, thanks to which we avoid price fluctuations.

Since the number of issued ASX tokens is 21 million, we try to manage them in a prudent way, and at the same time in such a way that investors do not have to worry that the price of the token will drastically decrease.

And although the best way to become an ASX owner is to buy them, for example at:

are also some other ways to get ASX:

1/ involvement in performing tasks on our server
Discord:, consisting in helping with promotions in our social media, mainly on Twitter (tasks are announced on the #new-tasks channel),

2/ active participation in events organized on the Server (Trivia, graphic contests, monthly meme contest and receiving the role of @MemeKingASX, photo contests, etc.),

3/ strengthening the Discord Server with nitro. For boosters, Team gives tips once a month,

4/ follow our social media channels and get “Followers” roles — on special channels in the #Airdrops section, you can click on a reward if you have one of the roles,

5/ active conversations on #general channels,

6/ daily voting for the ASX token to:

7/ if you are a youtuber, you have an active account on Reddit, Tik-tok, FB, Linkedin or Twitter, you can post short ads promoting the ADSSocialASX project and the ASX token, which you will also be rewarded accordingly.

We also have a #rain channel where our Mod @Mati often organizes rains.

As you can see, there are many ways to obtain an ASX token without having to buy it.

So we encourage you to actively participate in the life of the Server.

The funds collected in this way can be spent on one of the HODL roles and receive a reward every week in the ASX, increasing the token ownership.