ENDANGERED: The Bengal Tiger

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3 min readFeb 22, 2023

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Bengal tigers are one of the largest wild cats inhabiting our planet today. It can be found primarily in India, Bangladesh, Bhutan and Nepal.
The standard color of the Bengal tiger is orange with characteristic black stripes. Nevertheless, there are cases of albino tigers and a melanistic black tiger.


The body length of an adult male can be less than three meters including the tail. The weight, in turn, can be even more than 200 kilograms. Females are generally smaller, although their length also exceeds two meters.
They lead a solitary life. They come together literally for a “moment” during the mating season.
Pregnancy in Bengal tigers lasts about fifteen weeks. After this time, the young are born, usually in the amount of 2–4. During the first days of life, they are completely dependent on their mother because they cannot see.
Little tigers stay with their mother for over a year. When they are less than half a year old, they go on their first hunt with her.


Throughout the 20th century, several thousand fatal attacks by Bengal tigers on humans have been recorded. People unknowingly encroach on their territory, and that is provocation enough for a tiger. It is also an occasion for feasting, as they do not despise human flesh.

They lead a nocturnal lifestyle. They also hunt at night. They sneak up and attack only when they are close enough to their prey. Then they throw themselves at her, crush her, break her neck vertebrae, but often decide to rip her throat out first.

The color of the tigers is different in each case. There are no two tigers in the world with the same color. Welts are something like human fingerprints.


Extirpated in many regions, threatened with extinction, it has been included in protection programs. The largest wild population lives in India (where tigers are considered sacred animals in some regions).
Protection programs provide for the transfer of particularly aggressive individuals to areas away from human settlements (applies to individuals considered not to pose a direct threat to humans) or placed in zoos (regarded as particularly dangerous to humans). Captured and released back into the wild tigers are equipped with transmitters to monitor them.

The Bengal tiger is an endangered species (EN category in the Red List of Threatened Species), and its white variety is also extremely rare

The Bengal tiger is so popular and beautiful that it is officially the national animal of India and Bangladesh.



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