ENDANGERED: Mongolian Suhak (Saiga tatarica mongolica)

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2 min readFeb 18, 2023


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Mongolian Suhak is an endemic subspecies, which means that we can meet them only in Mongolia.
These unusual antelopes do not tolerate captivity very well and the only zoo that successfully keeps them at closed is in Moscow.
This unusual animal developed in isolation from the Pleistocene, which is why it is sometimes called the Ice Age antelope.
Mongolian Suhak is among the most endangered ungulates in the world.
If we do nothing, these antelopes could disappear from the face of the earth forever.

Galeria Pomagam: https://pomagam.wwf.pl/adoptuj/suhak

A characteristic feature of Suhak is their flexible nasal structure. If not for her, they would look like ordinary antelopes. Meanwhile, Suhak have curiously elongated nostrils, which look a bit like an elephant’s trunk. In summer, when the rushing herd kicks up clouds of dust in the steppe, such a nose acts as a filter and cleans the air that the animal breathes. In winter, however, such an extended path of cold air to the lungs gives it a chance to warm and moisturize it.

Suhak are threatened by climate change, expansion of grazing areas and poaching.
Increasingly frequent droughts in the summer cause drying up of drinking water sources, and extreme conditions in winter make it difficult for Suhaks to find food.
Increasing the area of pastures, in turn, means closer contact with farm animals and the transmission of diseases. Thousands of antelopes died as a result of the emergence of a new infectious disease, which they contracted from livestock — goats and sheep.
The belief that the powdered horns of this antelope are an excellent medicine makes poachers still kill these animals.

Galeria Pomagam: https://pomagam.wwf.pl/adoptuj/suhak

Help and support in the protection of the Mongolian Suhak flows to Mongolia from other countries, which means that WWF Mongolia can, among others, purchase camera traps necessary for monitoring this subspecies. Thanks to the information obtained by them, it is easier to fight, for example, poaching. Equally important is the protection of natural water sources and the expansion of protected areas that are inhabited by Suhak, as well as cooperation with shepherds on projects for sustainable management in these areas.


Galeria Pomagam: https://pomagam.wwf.pl/adoptuj/suhak

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