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3 min readJul 9, 2023


As promised, we will continue our journey in search of good, stable projects with good prospects for the future.

In the era of opaque projects, calculated for a quick profit, out of concern for the well-being of our community and people who are just entering the world of cryptocurrencies, we travel the crypto space in search of “gems”.

This is how we came across the CVN project, i.e. Crypto Visionary Network.

The Crypto Visionary Network team believes that the people behind the projects are the foundation of success.
CVN aims to connect people — Encouraging; motivating; to provide a community that fosters growth and inspiration.

You find Crypto Visionary Network on:
- Discord server
- cvllive

3 roles have been created for the use of the community, which are rewarded with a CVN token.
3 CVN tokens are given away daily and can be obtained in several ways.

Using the bot to queue on will grant you a special contributor role that qualifies for exclusive giveaways and rewards!

CVN token holders get access to special giveaways and an exclusive channel with often more valuable rewards.
To maintain the Holder role, you must have at least one CVN token in your wallet
You have to remember to renew your role every three days, but the bot will remind you.

People who vote for a server on — as a thank you for helping to promote the server, they get access to a special channel where they can catch sea fish and exchange them for nano. A very nice option to obtain some nano, which can be used, for example, to add your favorite YT content or simply send it to your wallet.

__Server Booster__
Currently, Server Boosters have access to a unique CVN token giveaway (with the highest odds of winning!)

There are other roles, but you can read about them by visiting the #roles channel on the Discord server.

Every Wednesday there is a competition with prizes.

For watching community-provided YT content on after linking your nano wallet, you also get nano rewards.

The talented Molly occasionally creates NFTs on AtomicHub, which are also given away in contests on Discord.

From recently, CVN has been streaming on Twitch and will be running for the foreseeable future, broadcasting 24/7 radio and driving around with pretty backgrounds.
At the moment, the priority is for CVN to achieve affiliate status on Twitch. Twice a day a special code is published for viewers, and the first person to publish it receives a prize.

So as you can see, everything is really cool.
The team self-funds the project, and the proceeds it earns from are donated to community rewards.

The project has its own CVN token listed on The token was created on the Hive Blockchain.
Currently, the token is primarily used as a way to reward community members for their participation and contributions to CVN projects.
There are only 5000 CVN tokens
Since there is no liquidity at the moment LQ, the CVN token currently has no monetary value. But it has a use value.
When the project starts to generate more revenue, some of it will be used to create LQ.

We believe that this project has a lot of potential and the community behind it is truly amazing.
Team too is awesome.

As Social Ads, we will support this project because it truly deserves it.

**The above text is not financial or investment advice. It is also not a paid advertising text. It is based on our own observations and research.
Remember to always do your own research before investing your funds and never invest more than you can afford to lose.