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We promised you to present good projects that are based on a trustworthy Team, smart tokenomics, transparency and good development prospects.

We have found a few such projects and we will share information about them with you, because we know that what is happening on the NFT market now can often lead to a loss of capital, especially for new people who do not know how Crypto-NFT-World works.

So we’re going🏃🏻‍♀️

PengolinCoin is a well-known, stable and honest project that has recently undergone rebranding.

The use of the own POS blockchain, masterdoode was abandoned and the old PGO was replaced with a new PGO, which was launched on BSCScan.
The exchange rate is 100:1 and it will only be available until July 16, 2023. So hurry up because the maximum delivery of a new PGO token is only 1,000,000 PGO. So very little.

How To Swap Old PGO For New Pengolin Token

400,000 PGO is allocated for the exchange. 200,000 PGO will go to liquidity pools, 200,000 PGO will be rewards for Staking (Farming), 100,000 PGO will fund a new NFT game and will be used for player rewards, while 100,000 PGO will be locked in the development team wallet to manage the project.

So, as usual, the rules on PGO are clear and transparent, and the Team left only 1/10 of the tokens for themselves to spend on further development of the project.

Everything indicates that the new PGO token will become an exclusive good and whoever checks in first at the start has the best chance of getting new tokens and obtaining OG status.

And now a few words about the NFT game.
The game is based on the “play to earn” model. These are simple yet addictive shooting games.
You need NFT PGO to play

Players connect their NFTs to the game and play with each other. Winners receive a PengolinToken. Can use PengolinToken to buy weapon upgrades. Users can farm and bet PengolinToken. Players will also be able to upgrade their NFTs to make them stronger.

As mentioned, in order to start using the game, the player needs to have his NFT Token, or better yet, several.

Pengolin NFT (0)

How To Buy a PengolinCoin NFT!

So, as you can see, the PengolinCoin NFT project has undergone a thorough reconstruction and, following the latest trends, offers its community great ways to earn money and have fun. The community is strongly involved in the development of the project and strongly supports all the Team’s activities aimed at permanently and well-established anchoring of the PGO token in Web3.

We know the members of the Team personally and we know that they are honest and reliable people who care about the development of the project. We have been cooperating with them from the beginning of our project and we are glad that their ingenuity and creativity takes PGO to the next level.

PengolinCoinNFT and BabyPGO are in the middle of a huge marketing campaign that applies to both projects.

Follow their Discord servers, YT channels and social media (Twitter, Telegram) so you don’t miss important things that are happening right now.

Pengolin NFT (10)

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**The above text is not financial or investment advice. It is also not a paid advertising text. It is based on our own observations and research.
Remember to always do your own research before investing your funds and never invest more than you can afford to lose.