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2 min readSep 17, 2021


ADS Social ASX sponsors NFT artists

We want to share some good news with you today.
Well, the team decided to create a special fund, the aim of which is to support talented NFT artists in promoting their art in social media, but not only.
Well, once a month, the team will choose one artist, who will be sponsored and helpe him by minted his works on Opensea or on the Atomichub. It will depend on where the artist wants to appear.

As for Opensea, some costs will have to be paid “up front”. NFTs are powered by the blockchain — mostly the Ethereum blockchain. Using blockchain involves the necessity to pay a network fee expressed in a unit called “gas”. This is a one-time fee, but necessary to get your first job done. Its height depends on the price of gas, which is sometimes shocking. After that, you no longer need to pay any fees and you can mark your works for free.

A special #nft-artist channel has been created on our Discord server, where artists can submit their entries and present their works to the community.

It seems to us that in this way we will contribute our small brick to the development of NFT.
At this point, we want to thank our Admin Wincenty, who inspired us to create such a Fund by donating ETH for this purpose.

If someone wants to participate in our project and make a donation for this noble cause, we will soon provide the address of the WAX ​​and ETH deposit wallets to which donations can be sent.

Please share this information. TIA🙌

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