ADS Social ASX

ADS Social ASX is a project that was developed on the basis of Discord server called PolishCryptoServer.
While working on the Server, it turned out that we need our own token to continue functioning. We took steps in this direction and this is how the ASX Token was created, the use of which will not be limited only to payments for advertising services that we provide for our Partners. The token is already on Pancakeswap, it will be added to BSSCAN soon.
The White Paper will be finished in a moment.

Token Name: Ads Social
Ticker (ASX)
Contract adress: 0xc69ec15775aa8be1698893b681f415038dee8339
Token info:
Ads Social $ASX Official Mail Contact:
Ads Social $ASX Official Twitter
Ads Social $ASX Official Telegram
Ads Social $ASX Official website
Ads Social $ASX — Live Price ASX Token

We will keep you updated on the progress of work on the project.

$ASX Token.

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