2 Birthday Party ASX


Today, July 26, we celebrate the 2nd anniversary of ASDSocialASX.

Just like last year, we prepared a Birthday Party on our Discord Server for this occasion🎂🍾


We start at 3 p.m. UTC. (17:00)
There are some surprises waiting for you all.


Leave umbrellas at home, because we know you like rain.. hahahaha

Our Special Guest will be the founder of the Crypto Visionary Network — MaxHeadroom, who will talk about how CVN was created, what it offers for community members, who creates the Project Team and in what direction the project is developing.
You will be able to ask questions to our guest, and there will be prizes for the most interesting questions.

I hope we’ll all have a great time🎈🎈🎉✨

We cordially invite you and see you at 3 pm UTC on our Discord